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What Facial Treatment is Best for Psoriasis ?

I’ve had dry skin since I was in high school, but it has never been this bad until recently. I haven’t been to a dr yet (waiting on new insurance to kick in) but was wondering what everyone uses as far as skin care for the face and what has worked for you to stop the flaking. So I started using cerave (sp?) psoriasis face cleanser and moisturize after, it seemed to help at first but now I feel like it’s only making things worse.

What Facial Treatment is Best for Psoriasis

I have this all over my face (as pictured), scalp, in and around my ears, and there are little spots all over from my neck down to my legs.. any and all help/suggestions is much appreciated. This is miserable, as I’m sure you’re all aware

What Facial Treatment is Best for Psoriasis

Here is what it looks like a few hours after washing my face and applying moisturizer. What facial treatment is best for your psoriasis?

What Facial Treatment is Best for Psoriasis

What Facial Treatment is Best for Psoriasis ? (Personal Experiences)

Treas Edwards : Enstillar is the only thing that helps mine

Jenna Schimek : You might try hydrocortisone, for psoriasis on my face 2% is all my dermatologist recommends. You can buy one percent over the counter. Get ointment over the cream.

Jami Lynn Finke : I used plain white dove said for years and went to the tanning bed to maintain especially when it was in my face.

J.J. King : Enstillar and Tremfya for me

Novel Rizal : Advantan ointment did the trick for me …. ask your doctor about it first

Nicholette Ribot : I use a really good night cream to lose the flakes. I do it whenever I need to though not just at night.

Peggy Carson Rigney : I use Vaseline at night for my really dry spots works well for me.


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