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What Does the First Sign of Psoriasis Look Like ? (STORY) – PART 2

I had been seeing dermatology for what they thought was eczema. It all started two years ago on my foot. I’m in the medical field and at first I thought it was just irritation from shoes and socks and being on my feet all day. So I bought new shoes and then I bought new socks I was switching out my shoes every two days just to air them out. I finally went to my family doctor and got it checked out and she trade me out on a few different creams and then we went to a steroid pack cleared up for a bit after the steroid pack. I had the same spot on my heal for about two years. Then about six months ago I developed a spot on the palm of my hand then I noticed two of my fingers look like they were getting ate up by some kind a skin eating bacteria.

What Does the First Sign of Psoriasis Look Like
What Does the First Sign of Psoriasis Look Like

So that’s when I started seeing a dermatologist. I went a couple times and they diagnosed me with eczema but everything they tried me on didn’t do anything I spent too much money on creams and it wasn’t getting any better I finally asked for a biopsy. It came back that I have psoriasis. Now the strange part about me is about five years ago I donated a kidney to my father-in-law so I only have one kidney and I’m limited on what I can use and try. I woke up two days ago and it’s starting to come up on my face.

What Does the First Sign of Psoriasis Look Like

So I’ve tried what seems like 30 different creams and topicals. None seem to really work good. I am a medical assistant in a busy specialist office. So I tend to wash/sanitize my hands all day which irritates my psoriasis even more since it’s on my hands and feet (which I’m on all day). So today was about the 6th time this year I’ve went to see my dermatologist this year. They sent me for a chest X-ray and some labs. It looks like I’ll be starting methotrexate (I held off as long I could, only having one kidney makes me second guess all my options)

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