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What Can HELP Psoriasis on Hands ? -PART 3 (SUCCESS STORY)

Only 5 treatments so far with my new UVB Narrowband phototherapy light and these are the results!! I’m absolutely amazed. I have tried absolutely everything for psoriasis and I truly feel this is the only thing so far that is going to give me long term results! if you have minor to moderate psoriasis I definitely recommend this!

What Can HELP Psoriasis on Hands
What Can HELP Psoriasis on Hands

Don’t be scared!! It’s honestly amazing and so easy and I haven’t had any side effects!! Start off at 30 seconds per spot, and just increase by 15 seconds each time! I believe you can get up to 4 minutes per spot. But work up slowly! I’ve been using it 3-4 days a week ! These are my lights instructions

They are way different than a tanning bed! The light I use is narrowband, and it is very important to get this kind as it is the safest!My dermatologist told me to always get narrowband for that reason. It has been making my scalp psoriasis a bit worse though, but sun always aggravates it. If anyone has any awesome treatments for the scalp please let me know!

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