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Using Bag Balm for Psoriasis (REVIEW)

My first major outbreak was the same as what you are experiencing. The only thing that helped was prednisone pills. This go around I haven’t been able to get to my dermatologist but I tried some antibiotic ointment that was given to me by the wound care doctor I had worked for and tried my steroid ointment. They seemed to help at first then it kept spreading. So yesterday I saw someone had mentioned this stuff called bag balm. I got some last night and a pair of cotton gloves. And it was a complete change my psoriasis on hands overnight. It looks and feels so much better today. I also use vanicream lotion for when I am out to keep my spots moist. This was yesterday morning

Using Bag Balm for Psoriasis

This is today. Its more red right now because I was doing some things and haven’t had a chance to get the balm reapplied but the dead skin is gone and it doesn’t hurt anymore.

Using Bag Balm for Psoriasis

I found it at Walgreens. I googled it and went to the shopping section in Google to see where it was close to me. It said Wal-Mart sells it too. This is not with the prednisone this time just the vanicream and the bag balm. This flare up has been about 2 months now and I just haven’t had time to get to my dermatologist. The doctor I worked for gave the antibiotic ointment but wanted me to see derm to get any other script. I finally broke down about a week ago and got the vanicream lotion…its fairly expensive in my opinion…and started to see a difference but the dryness just would not go away. So after reading on here about that bag balm I decided to give it a shot and I’m so glad I did. With any luck this spot will clear up in the next few days…one can only hope.

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