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Tremfya Psoriasis Reviews – PART 4

I wanted to show y’all my 4 month difference after being on Tremfya! I have had 3 doses so far. 1 year ago, I was looking for answers, home remedies, anything to help me get a handle on this now 14 year curse we all hate. I’ve tried everything from the collagen, to changing my diet, being active, etc. all of it and nothing ever worked for me. Until I finally pulled the plug and went to the dermatologist.

Tremfya Psoriasis Reviews
Tremfya Psoriasis Reviews

If you’re worried about the money- it’s worth it and most pharmacies will try and find you a discount- so I’ve gotten all of my doses so far for $5 each. I’ve been amazed to see the difference in not only my scalp but several other areas (my under boob line, my ears, my face, my back, my stomach, and some other spots I don’t want to talk about🥸) clear up and become my olive color again. I don’t want to brag but I just want to remind y’all that there are great things out there for us- you just have to go for it!! Also y’all don’t come for neck. I obviously can’t see it back there.

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