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Tips For Managing Psoriasis at Home – Part 2

Tip- so I had not told my Grandma about my Psoriasis. She’s 89 & has bone cancer so I didn’t want to worry her. My hands and palms are sending me to the looney bin so tonight I shared. She was a compounding pharmacist who mainly worked with naturopathic methods when possible. Well I guess I should’ve said something a while ago. My grandfather had it. We kids just thought he loved lotions. Anyway one big tip she gave me was to alternate your hydration lotions & soap/body wash. If you find one works, great, but don’t stop there! The more you alternate the longer they help. She said if you find one, stop and solely use that, the Psoriasis will become resistant much, much quicker.

Tips For Managing Psoriasis at Home

She gave a lot of advice I’ve already seen on here- the clean diets, avoidance of nightshades & how tea tree oil can be very helpful! She shared that she did cut dairy out of my my grandpas diet for awhile but it didn’t do anything and he wasn’t any worse when he had it- the man LOVED ice cream! But she avoided processed foods and gluten and that seemed to help. She said in her career, dairy seems to escalate it completely or not matter at all. He also took nightly oatmeal & milk baths with Dead Sea salts.

Tips For Managing Psoriasis at Home

She reiterated that internal hydration with alkaline water is important- 64+ ozs a day. And agreed sun, vitamin D increase, dandy lion & turmeric supplements can definitely help. I know most everyone knows, but I did not know about alternation hydration lotions and body wash/soap, so I thought I’d share. My grandfather used alternating organic baby soap. She also used goats milk purchased from local farms for his milk baths.

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