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The Psoriasis Diet Pregnancy (SUCCESS STORY)

Psoriasis Diet Pregnancy

I just want to say I am currently 35 week pregnant. And I have been struggling with psoriasis since my last pregnancy 5 years ago. I am self conscious and I dont leave the house without long sleeve shirts leggings or pants. I always feel as though people are staring. I cringe when people ask questions but I also embrace them. If that makes sense.. LolI currently started a paleo (AIP) diet in hopes to clear my skin by next year. I have been on this diet for 4 weeks and have already been noticing a difference. The second picture is the results I am achieving on this diet (you can read more about it here). Those light spots is actual skin smooth and flake free!! I can not express how much diet affects your overall health. I am beyond excited about my results.

Psoriasis Diet Pregnancy

I am posting this picture to keep my motivation and maybe to inspire others. I cut out 80% of carbs only getting from veggies. I stay away from potatos and corn. No refined sugars. Like candy cake and icecream. And absolutely no nightshades. Very little red meat and i also take suplements.. like fenugreek. Dandilion leaf. But not the flower. Vitamin d. Probiotics and prenatals. No matter what your body is going through. You are still beautiful. I will post pictures here and there to update on my progress. (KAREN – USA)

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