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The Itching Treatment of Psoriasis

I’m trying to support & help my husband who has had psoriasis in his scalp about 4 years and since December broke out on his body. We have been through so many creams waiting to get into specialist now on Neotigason been 3 weeks not helping may go on methantrexate which he used to be on for his crohns disease but the Doctor wanted to give him a break.
The itch is driving him crazy bought more stuff at the chemist yesterday talking to Pharmacist and he said it made him worse up at 1.30am then off to work 3am. It’s making him very depressed and loose interest in everything. I do my best to help & support him rub cream on his back but I can’t make him better .

Any other support people out there? What is The Itching Treatment of Psoriasis ?

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 Itching Treatment of Psoriasis
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The Itching Treatment of Psoriasis (Personal Experiences)

Kim Marie Gustager : My fiancé has Psoriasis and his whole body looked like this… he is now showing signs of healing! It is very hard for the person with Psoriasis as well as the one supporting them. It has been hard watching my fiancé slowly slip away… he lost a lot of weight and the itch and burn and well just him looking at himself made him depressed and sad. It was very difficult but we stuck with our healing plan and I am now starting to see him come back to life.

We are doing the natural healing, we do use coconut oil to help with the dryness but other then that we have not use any medications. Every body’s healing plan is different. It has definitely helped me to have this group and be able to vent to those who understand what I go through … being the supportive partner is not easy. Both positions are difficult and challenging! Hang in there and don’t give up! Sending prayers for you

Ifeya O Cirillo Hardman : Awwww poor guy but I have the same problem and I have no medical insurance at all and I have it 95% of my entire body, I go tannin and I use a tar base shampoo by neutrogena and I use an ointment that works soooooo well…..and believe me I tried everything …. this helped me alot

Deborah Read : When I was end of my rope with flare ups, I forced myself onto the simplest possible diet. Only fish. (No other meats at all for a month). Select oily fish like fresh salmon, or tinned herring and sardines, flounder / sole, etc. NO wheat bread. Brown rice instead of potatoes and wholemeal pasta instead of white pasta. No cheese except fetta & cottage cheese, and minimal dairy except yogurt (for probiotics). LOTS of fibre, (pre- biotics) because to get a healthy gut full of probiotics, then you need to feed the probiotics with “pre-biotics”.

OMEGA 3’s are your friends, but avoid Omega 6’s which we get too much of. OMEGA 3’s are oily fish, olive oil and avocado oil. Other seed oils are high in Omega 6. No alcohol or cigarettes, and no junk food or highly processed food (salami, sausages, bacon, tinned foods).

Georgia Zito : Psoriasis is autoimmune and starts in the gut. So gut health is key to keeping things calm. Look up anti-inflammatory diet and AIP diet. Incorporate more anti-inflammatory foods into his diet. Everyone is different, but there seem to be some common food triggers amongst us sufferers. Dairy, nightshade vegetables, excess sugars… oh, and stress! Try having him drink apple cider vinegar.

It is a great gut cleanser. I brew a cup of hot water in my coffee maker, add 1 tablespoon of ACV, and a teaspoon or so of honey for taste. Drink it everyday. This is the one thing I have found that helps the most, along with diet changes.

Amy Lynn : I have been this bad, and worse. The only things that have helped me are biologics (currently on Tremfya), Trianex steroid cream on stubborn inverse spots, and daily capsules of Turmeric. Find out what his trigger foods are by doing an elimination diet. I did this by going on a liquid diet for 2 weeks (organic broth and water only), then slowly tried foods one at a time to measure any reactions or flares. My trigger foods/ingredients are lactose, wheat, peppers, beets (related to a latex allergy oddly enough), and sugar of any kind. Also get his vitamin D level checked, it’s often too low in pso patients.

Nastasha Sidhu : I’m not sure if it’s been suggested yet, but has he tried rubbing a little Vicks vapor rub on his psoriasis? I have 70% of my body covered in psoriasis and Vicks helps me to tolerate both the itching and the pain. Just be sure not to get it on your pet’s coats because it is toxic to them. I like to apply my Vick’s with latex gloves because that way it stays off of my palms. It can’t just be washed off easily because it’s a petroleum product.

Annie Aqui : Very sorry. I used Enstillar and UVB phototherapy and it helped. From 80% covered, I only have a few small spots remaining. Good luck in whatever treatment you choose. I was treated at Women’s College Hospital Toronto. The staff there are awesome!



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