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The Itching Treatment of Psoriasis – PART 3

My psoriasis is caused by my T2 diabetes I believe. I can handle it in the small spots it is everywhere on my body but this one spot on the front of my right leg is big and when it itches it’s such a deep horrible itch that I honestly want to take a metal hair brush to it but I know I can’t. What can I do for this psoriasis itching?

The Itching Treatment of Psoriasis

The Itching Treatment of Psoriasis At Home

High blood sugar lends to increased psoriatic flares and itching. Plain and simple. So keeping levels low helps. Try coconut oil and if you think there is yeast growin in plaques, which people with high sugar are yeasty , and you don’t have excoriated areas from scratching and picking —-keep a squirt bottle full of apple cider vinegar in shower and douse it let sit for awhile and rinse off. This will take itchy yeast away.

AND Fresh porridge oats. Pour into a sock and tie up. Soak the sock in warm water and squeeze, massage the oat sludge all over the area to sooth and calm. You can also bathe in the oats using the sock / run the bath wrap through the sock and then when in the water, wash with the sock and keep squeezing the oat juice over yourself etc. Just as you go to get out the bath I usually stand and run the sock all over my skin then allow myself to ‘air dry’ and gently pat the skin with a towel. This helps lock the soothing moisture into the skin. Follow when dry with a good emollient (you can get oat based creams too) and it will help calm things. I have this all over most of my body and it won’t take it all away but it will sooth and calm the skin which in turn calms you. Calmer you, less stress, less skin flares.Agree with the above too, maybe use some anti fungal cream on that area too incase there’s a fungal presence on the plaques. I also take one antihistamine a day too. Good luck xx

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