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THE Best Cream for Foot Psoriasis

Recently I have started using urea 40% cream on my feet at night ( I have psoriasis of the feet and hands- without pustules) and I have seen a big improvement! The way my psoriasis presents is my skin constantly is layering new skin but since I walk on my feet what happens is when the skin gets thick- it cracks and hurts badly for a day or so until it gets a new layer of skin. This cream is strange- it’s not greasy but feels like it is drying out my skin but actually makes the thickness of my skin shrink ( if that makes sense) It’s been less than a week and I can walk without pain.

Best Cream for Foot Psoriasis

I put this on at night before bed and let it dry and then put on my ugly socks ( socks that mis-match or Old socks) and I can’t believe the difference in my feet! They look better than they have in years! I have bought the urea cream 40% on Amazon for under $15 for 4 ounces, I hope this helps someone else! I don’t have a recent picture to post but will soon!

Best Cream for Foot Psoriasis

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