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Tanning Bed for Plaque Psoriasis (Before and After Pictures)

I have Guttate and Plaque Psoriasis and I’ve been going to a tanning salon to help with it. I started out around 3-4 mins and now I’m up to 8 mins four times a week.


Tanning Bed for Plaque Psoriasis

After ten sessions

Tanning Bed for Plaque Psoriasis

As you can see there has been a significant improvement. I do not endorse or condone tanning beds just sharing my personal experience. Good luck to every one and fast healing.

Mine I pay $30 for a basic bed a month, but I buy a package for $100 for the higher beds that lasts me for months since I do not go that often. So it’s $30 a month since the $100 pkg lasts me so long. Tanning definitely helps. I put a good lotion on after I get home from going and that seems to help a lot!! I was very red yesterday, went tanning after work and applied Aveeno last night. All my spots are very faint!!

SOURCE – Julie Green


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