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Taltz Success Stories – Story 3

So happy with my Taltz results so far. Started on enbrel in 2007 then have tried Otezla then Humira then Otezla again then back to Humira. Humira was working wonderful and loved the citrate free shot. Then had the vaccine in feb/march and was told to stop the Humira during the vaccine. My skin got horrible. Started Humira again and it didn’t work. Tried Stelara and nothing. Then went to a psoriasis specialists at EVMS and she put me on Taltz. I did my loading dose and second shot already and I’m so happy!! It does sting but it’s so worth it. I do think I like my thighs better than my stomach. Did thighs for years with all the others and it was fine. Did my loading dose in y thighs and it hurt but wasn’t terrible. Did my second one in my stomach and it sucked.

Taltz Success Stories
Taltz Success Stories

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