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Taltz Psoriasis Reviews (From Patients) – Part 1

Insurance has decided it won’t cover Cosentyx unless I try Taltz first. I haven’t done a lot of research on it nor have I heard a lot about it. So I am looking to hear all you have to tell me about it! What’s your reviews about taltz ?

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Taltz Psoriasis Reviews

Taltz Psoriasis Reviews From Patients :

Carla Mercuri : I’ve been on taltz for a year now. No complaints other than the shot is more painful than humira or cosentyx. I start icing my belly when I take the shot out of the fridge a half hour before. It’s manageable if I do that.

Dominic Ibuos Salcedo: Taltz has worked better and faster then Cosentyx for me. Only down side is that Taltz hurts a lot more then Cosentyx

Rosa Lopez : It worked for me. Enbrel worked great for me as well but the rheumatologist switched me to raptor because of the PsA. I specifically get the pre-filled syringe rather than the auto injector. The auto injector is painful and gave me welts at my injection site.

Amy Bramblett : I had to give it about 6 months to get the full effect. I actually had more joint pain in the beginning. It’s great now. I’ve been taking it for about 20 months.

Grace Ault : My husband finishing loading dose. No setback so far. He was on Humira prior to Taltz

Taltz Psoriasis Reviews

Sean McKellar: Three days after my loading dose, my skin pain was gone. It’s been two weeks and I’m well on my way to being clear.

Allie Marie Setliff : It the only one that helps me!!! I stay cleared up when I am on it. I love it. Its painful but a wonderful drug.

Murray Dodd : My body seems to quickly become immune to biologics I’ve been on 7 Taltz worked for me for 6 months Cosentyx only 3. Taltz injections hurt more but nothing you can’t handle.

Jerome Dominescy : Found Taltz to be effective faster, but Cosentyx equally so after a month or so longer. Noticeable improvement within days from both! Miracle drugs! Taltz injection stings a bit more. Suggest you inject in lower abdomen. Hardly felt it when I did that vs. thighs.

Kimberly Iacopelli : The injections hurt, I won’t lie but the results have been amazing! I’m now 100% clear.

Laurie Miekam : Just started on Taltz and have had the initial two and one last Friday. I haven’t noticed any difference but it may take time. The needle is much more painful than cosentyx. Next time I will freeze the area with ice first! Ouch!

Kris Hemming : I LOVE taltz! After just a few days after my loading dose I was 60% cleared. It’s done an amazing job, and I had to stop recently due to a surgery and recently re-starter, and having the same amazing results! I will say.. it freaking hurts

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