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Taltz Psoriasis Reviews (From Patients) – Part 2

1./ Taltz Psoriasis Reviews from Kitty Redd – Reddit

Going to dermatologist 3 weeks ago in search of medication. and got Taltz for my psoraisis . Got it after hearing so many good things about it and I’m praying it does good things for me too…….but…….yall didn’t tell me them damn injections HURT….holy hell. I used to have the old version of humira that had citric acid in it and that didn’t sting near as much as this Taltz. And this is before and after picutues 3 weeks on Taltz:

Taltz Psoriasis Reviews

Kitty Redd’s Photos

I have one finger pain that’s been pretty gnarly the last few days but it only lasts for a little while after I wake up and then it goes away.I guess because I sleep with my hand in a fist. It’ll hurt to straighten it in the morning and for an hour or 2 it’ll hurt to move it at all but after then it goes away and feels normal.

2./ Taltz Psoriasis Reviews from Steve – Facebook

 I’m three years on Taltz and still 95% clear. For me, just site reactions with the first half dozen or so injections. And the injections do sting for a few secs. Not the most pleasant, but well worth the pain. The difference for me is miraculous

Taltz Psoriasis Reviews

3./ Taltz Psoriasis Reviews from Others Patients :

Brittany Duvall : I have a lot of clearing after just the loading dose (2 injections). Worsened joint pain though but I’m hopeful

Walt Dobrowski : I was on Taltz for 7 years and was completely clear skinned and then I had an insurance agent talk me into leaving my employer insurance and going on Medicare. Now my copay is $1,000 instead of $5. I have to wait till September to get back on my employer insurance.

Cathy Kowalczyk Sokoloski : All drugs have risks and side affects. I started on Humira about 7yrs ago then switched to Taltz when the psoriasis began affecting my fingernails. Never had any problems with either medication. It’s a personal decision. Personally for me the benefit far outweighed the risk. I am now 100% clear!

DeeAnna Alora Landers : Taltz did me wonders I was completely clear except my inverse so my doctor switched me for my inverse and other skin disease I just started humira.

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