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Taltz Psoriasis Reviews (On Hands) – Part 4

EVERYTHING hurts. I’m in tears every night. These pictures aren’t even the worst of it. I can’t post the others. At what point do you give in and go to a hospital bc its unbearable? I’ve never experienced anything like this and it’s all just popped up in a matter of a month. Its LITERALLY ALL over my body and I can’t wear clothes. I’m out of work. Mental health is way out the door at this point.

Taltz Psoriasis Reviews
Taltz Psoriasis Reviews

UPDATE : AND This is 4 weeks of Taltz injections, gluten free, and smoke free. When taking the first 2 pictures I was completely out of hope. Mental health was LOW. I was forced out of work bc i couldn’t wear clothes. I just layed in bed crying for 2 weeks straight. I’ve been busy playing catch up from being out of work and into the swing of things I hadn’t even noticed how much better it was getting until I looked down at my hand this morning. If you are struggling and really low on the ps struggle, just know there is HOPE with lots and lots of research, consistency, and will power. KEEP GOING warriors

Taltz Psoriasis Reviews
Taltz Psoriasis Reviews

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