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TALTZ Before and After Pictures – (For Psoriasis Reviews)

Christy Cooper – Facebook : I’ve been on it for almost two years was 90% cover and I have just a little on my knee now and thats it. The only symptoms I’ve had was injection swelling and rarely I felt nauseous the morning after the infection. It does hurt but it’s so worth! This is My Taltz Before and After Pictures :

TALTZ Before and After Pictures
Christy Cooper Taltz Pictures


TALTZ Before and After Pictures 2
Christy Cooper Taltz Pictures

Barbara Murphy – Instagram : I was at my wits end and very uncomfortable, I had already failed methotrexate, Otezla, Skyrizi, Cosentyx and Tremfya, 3 months on Taltz and I was finally clear , are there a few cons of course there are just like any other medication , and let me tell you it hurts like a son of a gun , but as they say no pain no gain…

TALTZ Before and After Pictures 3

Reviews from Others Psoriasis Patients :

Emily Harrison : I just finished my loading doses. Hurts/stings like hell but stick with it! It works! I leave mine out to get to room temp before administering. I also numb the area I am injecting. Both of those have helped tremendously. I can happily say I am relieved it’s one time a month now

Barbara Haight : Taltz hurt like heck injecting it. Was the fastest and best working biologic I have been on. Totally worth the pain. I had bad site reactions (hand size welts at the injection site swollen and itchy for about a week) from it. After 8 months had a severe allergic reaction to the medication so had to stop taking it. I’m on Cimzia now with no issues. But I do miss how well Taltz worked.

Kim Covaleda : My experience was horrible! It made my Psoraisis, Psoratic Arthritis way worse!!! The more injections I took the worse it got for me! 

Samis Griffin : Everyone responds to medication differently. I started Taltz in January 2021. It is the 6th biologic and 7th med, I have used to treat psoriasis. I had the quickest response to Taltz~ 90% clear in 4 weeks. I currently am completely clear of all plaques.

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