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T Gel Shampoo Reviews for Psoriasis – PART 2

I haven’t had Psoriasis as long as many people here, but when it started, it came with a vengence and progressed very quickly. It started with my scalp in January 2018, was diagnosed with Psoriasis that December and by summer of 2019 I had Psoriasis in places I didn’t imagine you could get it. All that aside, my scalp Psoriasis cleared up (for the most part) after washing my hair every other day with Neutrogena T Gel Shampoo & putting installing a filtered showerhead. I haven’t seen people talk about this and I am by NO MEANS an expert but if your water has a high Ph or chlorine, or other chemicals… It can’t be good for your skin. The fact that it personally helped me is what makes me want to mention it.

T Gel Shampoo Reviews for Psoriasis
T Gel Shampoo Reviews for Psoriasis

And Obviously shaving ones head isn’t for everyone, but if you are contemplating it, I HIGHLY recommend. I have always preferred short hair, and have been considered a tomboy since I was a kid, so it wasn’t such a big deal for me. It did take me some time to accept this decision, and I first had to share it with lots of others and see how they’d react.

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