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Sunbed Psoriasis Treatment – PART 1

I’ve had psoriasis since 13, I’m 41 now. I lost my ability to walk in 2013, I cured it by eating raw veggies and my psoriasis melted away. Now 2017 it all came back. All the pain and my skin is a mess. Just more stubborn than before and I can’t get it under control..but now – Photos taken 1 month apart, such an improvement.

Sunbed Psoriasis Treatment
Sunbed Psoriasis Treatment

No magic cure for psoriasis I’m afraid, I used a sunbed once a day for 4 weeks; No lotions, it’s cost me £130 (around $175) to hire for 28 days. I ate a lot of fruit and vegetables to help boost my immune system as well. Just used a sunbed 24 out of 28 days for 6-8mins and ate plenty of fruit and vegETABLES. I also drink Lemon n Ginger tea, also Apple Cider Vinegar pills get both from Walmarts,can mix 2 Tablespoons of ACV with 8 oz. water n drink it,also I have a spray bottle with ACV no water added so spray on spots n rub it in helps me,Good luck.

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