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Sunbed Psoriasis Treatment – PART 3

I’ve had psoriasis about 2 months now and it’s completely covered me. These past 2 weeks or so it’s been in my ears and I know I shouldn’t but I’ve been scratching/picking my ears. But after 50 days apart with rainbow sunbed, nothing dr’s has gave me so far seems to help so tried sunbeds and looking at the comparison it’s definitely doing something!! Starting to feel myself again

Sunbed Psoriasis Treatment

Rainbow sunbeds have special tubes that help with collagen renewal too slows done the aging process as well as helping your skin most tanning salons should have them 3 times a week is ample start at 3 mins dont do more than nine at one session or you will burn. They are quite new they have yellow pink blue green and white tubes in one solarium and have healing lights made for the skin apparently they help a multitude of skin condition psoriasis eczema rosacea acne ect ask around in your salons they should show you information on them too.

New Tricks to Get Rid of Psoriasis At home

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