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Steroid Cream Inverse Psoriasis (REVIEW)

Finally got to a doctor for the first time since my first big outbreak 4 months ago. I had no idea I had inverse psoriasis (it was initially diagnosed as yeast since it started between my legs) but it spread quickly and it burned, it had, felt hot, kept me up at night. This is just after three days on steroids and anti inflammatory meds.Before :

Steroid Cream Inverse Psoriasis
Steroid Cream Inverse Psoriasis

In the before picture I had oil a blend of calendendula and cbd oil to sooth the redness but it didn’t help as much as I wanted. My biggest challenge is my dermatillomania, the urge to pick at my skin. I feel blessed that meds are finally working and I can have some relief. I’ve had it in my armpit for nearly two years misdiagnosed (by three doctors!) as yeast and was wondering why none of the treatments were working. Yikes! Thanks for reading, I hope you find relief from the itching pain as well.

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