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Stelara Psoriasis Reviews (PICTURES & Stories) – Part 1

Stelara is a thumbs up for me Feb9- May10 progress. And today is one day left until my fourth injection I’m down to once every 90 days now. This is my pictures :

Stelara Psoriasis Reviews
Stelara Psoriasis Reviews
Stelara Psoriasis Reviews

But Stelara has some side effects. I currently have Covid while on Stelara. I had my first dose of pfiezer in February because I’m in healthcare and I believe it has helped my symptoms be mild.My symptoms were nausea,gastro,fatigue followed by significant head cold symptoms, then sore throat and body-wide deep muscle burning pains. By the time I tested positive march 2nd I had already gone through worst three days which was last fri sat sun.

My worst symptoms were severe cold like symptoms and needing to sleep 16+ hours a day,currently I feel like I’m getting well quickly. still have sore throat and on and off congestion and activity is hard on body but no significant shortness of breath. I have more of a weakness in my body type feeling. Just wanted to share my experience for those of you who are curious about how Covid may affect you on biologics. Keep in mind this is my own personal experience and everyone can react differently.

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