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Stelara Psoriasis Reviews – (After 11 Weeks) – PART 4

Just wanted to give an update. I know when I started I was looking to see what people’s results were so I decided to share my own. I take stelara for psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis. Before starting the stelara the end of February I had been on Enbrel for years. Enbrel worked very well for me for a long time, but it had stopped being as effective a couple years ago. I was even having some lupus like symptoms from it.

I started stelara on February 28. That day my doctor gave me a steroid shot since I was having a lot of lower back and knee pain from the arthritis. For the first 2 to 3 weeks I felt pretty good. I was still coming off the Enbrel which worked better than nothing and I had a steroid in my system. But at week 4 when I was due to take my second 90 mg starter dose I was already quite miserable and contemplating going back to the Enbrel. I decided I needed to give it a little more time and I pushed through and did injection 2 on March 28. I really felt no better for the next two weeks and was actually getting worse. My right knee was incredibly swollen and inflamed and it was excruciating to walk. Surprisingly though all my other joints felt pretty good. It was really my knee and that was giving me the most trouble.

Stelara Psoriasis Reviews

Two weeks after my second dose I was back in my rheumatologists office in tears telling her I couldn’t take it anymore and I needed to stop and switch to something else. She agreed that I could go back on the Enbrel. She gave me a steroid shot in my right knee and my right hip again and told me she wanted me to go as long as I could before I took the Enbrel so I could get the stelara out of my system.

Stelara Psoriasis Reviews

Thankfully after the steroid injections I started to feel good. The swelling in my knee went down and my psoriasis that was really starting to clear up at this point. I am now 11 weeks from my first 90 mg dose and 7 weeks from my second 90 mg loading dose. It’s been 5 weeks since my last steroid injection and everything feels pretty good. my skin is completely clear except for a couple spots on my scalp. Other than my right knee that still gives me the most aggravation all of my other joints that bothered me over last couple years have felt surprisingly better. The only other change I made is that my husband and I decided to start a keto diet about four weeks ago. I also think this also helps with inflammation because I’ve done it in the past and it’s helped. So I’ve decided to stick with the stelara longer and hopefully it continues to work. But definitely weeks three through seven were incredibly rough on my arthritis. Enough that I definitely was contemplating giving up on the medication altogether. I’m including a picture below as a comparison from the beginning to today. I do have vitiligo so that’s what a lot of the white patches are

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