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Stelara Psoriasis Reviews – (After 4 Weeks) PART 3

Just wanted to share some good news. Stelara is really working for me already. Here’s a photo of when I had my first shot 4 weeks ago and then today. This is just one of my elbows. I just had my second shot this morning. I have had very very mild side effects. Some fatigue, memory gaps and headaches and some mood swings. I’m hoping those go away.

Stelara Psoriasis Reviews

I have suffered for 27 years with PSA. I haven’t had any treatment in over 13 years because Humira caused a life threatening reaction and I was terrified and have ptsd. But I couldn’t ignore my disease anymore. I’m hoping I really turn out to be a success story and get some real relief and possibly a remission. Keep fighting! Never give up hope and never let anyone tell you this disease is your fault or hinder you from getting treatment.

Stelara Psoriasis Reviews

Again this is after only 4 weeks on 45mg of stelara!! The itching and redness started to go down at week two and by week three the skin cells stop excessively producing. I think I’m still in disbelief. I had a couple exceptional days that I felt almost normal or what I imagine normal to be. Less joint pain and less skin pain. I took shower last night and for the first time in 15 years it didn’t burn me to tears. Maybe I can have a semi normal life

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