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Stelara Psoriasis Reviews (PICTURES & Stories) – Part 2

2 weeks after starting stelara!!I havent had any issues with it at all. It clears it up and stays away! I will start to get a few spots about a week before it’s time for me to get my next one. It’s been amazing for me!

Stelara Psoriasis Reviews
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Others Stelara Psoriasis Reviews on Slaton post :

Ashley Nicole : It helps! It got me clear within a month but I suggest not staying on it long term. I was on it for 2 years, it really weakened my immune system, I would be inflamed for weeks (drink as much water as possible).

Shaquwanna Abney : I was 80-90% clear within a month. 3 years on and no problems

Kendra Goins : Stelara is my second biologic I have tried, Humira did not work for me. It cleared me up! I have a small patch on each knee that is stubborn, and won’t go away, but omg. It was a miracle for me. I started seeing results in the first month…pictures below :

Stelara Psoriasis Reviews

And After 5 months with Stelara :

Stelara Psoriasis Reviews

June Shull Doss : I have a little diarrhea for a day or two but Stelara is really helped

Amber Marie Jaramillo : i started a week ago. hoping it helps. i’m 90% covered.  i’ve experienced slight headaches and stomach issues so far. but nothing that i can’t deal with.

Danielle Petak : i’ve had three shots so far with minimal improvement. very minimal and via divorce i’m going to not have health insurance anymore starting march. good luck to you! i’ve heard a lot of good with stelara!

Amy Brown Fournier : I am on Stelera. Cleared in three weeks. I am still clear going on month seven. No side effects.



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