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STELARA and Covid Vaccine (USER REVIEWS)

Melanie Joy Mezzancello : Hello! I just wanted to share with you all that I had my first Moderna COVID vaccine shot yesterday. I’m almost 2 weeks out from my loading dose of Stelara. The injection was painless, and other than a sore arm last night (which was no big deal), I had no side effects whatsoever… other than a huge rush of HOPE that better days are really coming! Big hugs to you all!

Oliver Kim : I had my first Pfizer COVID vaccine yesterday. I have Crohns and take both Stelara & methotrexate. My side effects: Sore arm – mild (less than flu shot)- Mild headache (haven’t taken anything for it)- Tired – feels a bit like my Stelara hangover after my shot or how tired I felt when I first started methotrexate. So nothing we aren’t used to.
So far that is it.

Kathleen Ann : I got my first Pfizer shot last Saturday, 2 weeks after loading dose of Stelara. Sore arm for one day, that’s it!

Rob Sanders : just wanted to share my experience for those who may be in similar situations down the road. I have been on Stelara for over 5 years with great success. I was vaccinated with both Phizer shots in March 2021. I recently became pretty sick for what I thought was a flu, after 4 days I tested myself and tested positive for covid.
I’m 6 days into this and actually feeling a little better today, but still visibly sick. I decided to get monoclonal antibodie therapy today using regeneron. I’ll let you know how it goes and if it seems to help in any way.

STELARA and Covid Vaccine

Kelly Bland : I’ve mentioned in a couple of posts that I’m part of a Covid-19 vaccine study for people with Chronic Conditions (I have Crohns Disease and I’m on Stelara). The study will test my antibody levels to Covid before, between and for a year after I get the vaccine. There will also be a couple surveys regarding any vaccine reactions. I wanted to share the results here (and on other FB groups so you may see this cross posted) as I get them. I was able to get my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on 3/13 and had to get an antibody test prior to the vaccine to determine a base level of antibodies. I’ll get another antibody test 24 hrs before my 2nd dose and then will have 4 more tests at 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months post vaccine.

Pre Vaccine Test results: Negative (no antibodies) Not surprising as I don’t believe I’ve gotten the virus up to this point, but still may have had it asymptotically and the antibodies may have faded by now. The first dose of the vaccine went well. I had mild arm pain for about 24 hrs and was slightly more fatigued than usual but that may be caused by numerous things!

Deirdre Brianne : So for anyone concerned about timing of stelara and the covid vaccine. I had the moderna dose 1 mid December 3 days after injecting stelara and 2nd dose mid Jan 2 days after injecting stelara and I am positive for spike protein antibodies. The stelara didn’t affect the vaccine even injecting so close to the shot

STELARA and Covid Vaccine 1

Bethany Burton : I shared this in a Covid IBD group because so many people are sharing so much miss information. I know not everyone in this group has IBD but it’s good for all of us to remember. Please make sure you talk to your drs about getting the vaccine and don’t just listen to some news story or person whom you don’t know or doesn’t have your best interest in mind. Not all of us on medications for IBD are immune compromised. Just hear me out. When we are not being treated, at least me, our immune systems run really high. I would often get sick because my immune system is so busy attacking me. Well now that I’m on Immune suppressants (Stelara and Methotrexate) I don’t get sick as often anymore. I did get Covid this year and I’m good with getting it once. I do not want that agin. Often end up taking care of my family because they are sicker then I am when they get a cold or the flu. My GI says most of the time when they refer to immune compromised they mean people who are on chemo or can’t fight infections. I realize there are some people on meds for Crohn’s and they are not able to fight off infections and they would be immune compromised. But please talk to your dr and do your own research about the vaccines. Also research what can happen to you if you get Covid. Not everyone has a mild case and walks away feeling better. There are a lot of people who are now on oxygen forever. My grown kids are almost bald and my daughter still can’t walk very far without getting winded. They say she may never get the full use of her lungs back.


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