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Soup Recipes for Psoriasis – Butter Nut Squash Soup

I had psoriasis for 15 years. For the first time, I made homemade butter nut squash soup. I was pleasantly surprised how closely it was like tomato soup. It was thick creamy and so very delicious. I highly recommend it as an great option if you miss tomato soup in your life!!

Soup Recipes for Psoriasis

My recipe isn’t fancy there’s good ones on internet.but I put an entire butternut squash in oven at 350° for about an hour or sooner until it’s easy for me to cut in half, core out seeds and stringy part, peel, and chop in chunks. Anyways while that’s going in oven, I will peel and chopped up an apple, 3 carrots three celery sticks, an onion s&p(if I have it, fresh garlic and thyme) sauteed it in a little evoo. Add the hunks of butternut squash when done prepping it with that. The squash may still be hard yet.

Soup Recipes for Psoriasis

Then pour an entire box of chicken stock over it (if your squash is huge you may need more stock, but just makes sure the stock/broth whatever you use covers all the veggies no more no less) bring to a boil cover and simmer on low until everything’s soft then blend in blender (mine broke so I used my nutribullet) then eat. Or in my case, I divided and froze it in bell jars with those plastic lids. I will try to pull them out put in fridge night before work or even grab right from freezer to take in my lunch.

Soup Recipes for Psoriasis

I will save them in freezer and eat one on a day I don’t have good lunch options to prevent eating fast food or something equally bad for my Psoriasis diet. Remove lid cover with a napkin nukerwave until hot. Some add milk to desired thickness/thinness and to add creaminess, but I just eat mine however thick it is. I’m sure there are other options, maybe even just a little water, to thin it to avoid the dairy in milk. Also, watch out for recipes that use white potatoes in place of apples because white potatoes are on the do not eat list for us….

Soup Recipes for Psoriasis
Soup Recipes for Psoriasis

I grow my butternut in garden out back. I usually get about 6 a year so I can make ahead and freeze ahlot for those long winter months. When it’s hard to get decent fresh foods. Just a side note, i put seeds in strainer run water over them and seperate them from the insides of squash let them sit in counter for a bit to drain. Then when I pull squash out. I toss the seeds in evoo heavy salt and put them in a pie pan to roast in oven while I prep and finish up soup. Roast until they’re golden brown and crunchy. Just like you would pumpkin seeds. I don’t think seeds are bad for us but I don’t know for sure… I actually like squash seeds better then pumkpin seeds.

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