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Skyrizi Side Effects Hair Loss (TIP)

I have scalp psoriasis and I’m currently about 7 weeks into Skyrizi…I’m losing an alarming amount of hair . I lost about half the thickness of my normal hair back in March. Cyclosporine stopped it & helped with the psoriasis. But, it just started falling out again about a couple weeks ago. I’m losing all the new hair growth that I had.

Skyrizi Side Effects Hair Loss

My new derm tell the hair loss is a side effect of the Skyrizi. He wants me to use Rogaine. He said that he uses it himself & it works great. His hair looked really nice & full to me! But, he did say it may take ~6 months to see improvement. He said this hair loss is called alopecia. He said he buys Rogaine at Costco. He prefers the foam version. I went directly to Costco. They carry their own brand of it. I had to ask bc I couldn’t find it. The pharmacist said it’s usually around the shampoo. It was $50 for a 6 month supply. Btw, he said to ignore if it says it’s for men or women. He said to just buy whatever is cheaper

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