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Skyrizi Psoriasis Reviews (PICTURES And Stories) – Part 3

I was diagnosed over 20 years ago and I have been through all of the creams, light therapy, methotrexate and 3 biologics in the last 2 years. I had very bad reactions to methotrexate and the other biologics helped but never cleared a single spot. This is my hand after 1 dose of skyrizi.  Within a week. My first dose was in June with the 4 week starter dose in July. And the 2nd pic was taken in September before my 2nd dose.

I am now 95% clear including those awful places like my nose, ears, eyelids and groin. Although I am unbelievably grateful and excited about all of this (I actually can shave my legs and I wore a dress 5 times last week), I am having a hard time excepting it. I find myself still trying to cover up or avoid certain situations.

Before :

Skyrizi Psoriasis Reviews

After :

Skyrizi Psoriasis Reviews

Source : Summer Hall – Facebook

Psoriasis Reviews from Others Patients on Summer’s Post ;

Lee Pawson : Good for you stuff what others think as long as you are happy,, I was the same when my legs cleared up(((starting to creep back again)))I could wear shorts,, even when it was – 10 outside I still wore them,,, people don’t understand how your confidence goes through the roof when you start becoming clear,,

Natasza Waters : I’m glad to hear it’s working for you….I heard Skyrizi is extremely expensive and I have question the price, but can’t question the results.

Ricky Forby : I am currently on Tremfya and my skin is 95-100% clear. The best advice I can give you Ms. Summer Hall is to LIVE! Live like you don’t even know it’s there. Have those special moments with that special someone, wear a bikini at the beach, wear the shortest skirt your comfortable with and strut down the street like your on a runway and Live.

Helena Emma : OMG when my skin cleared on Humira I couldnt believe it, I didnt trust it wouldnt return and then boom shaved my legs bought dresses that were far too short for a 42 year old woman , but who cares my legs had been covered for 12 years, we had the most glorious weather this Summer.

I felt so free. I felt the sun on my skin ( with barrier cream) for the first time in over a decade. Before at dance class I had to apologise to anyone who danced with me, and told people hey Im not contagious. It was excrutiating, it was all over me. I decided if the doctors ( UK) were going to try and help me with this then I was going all out to help myself. So I try and put my health first, including mental health. I had tried everything, elimiating food group, light treatment, methotrexate, steroid injections the whole lot. ENJOY it.

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