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Does anybody else’s skin look this bad after showering?? Its usually flakey but after a shower its basically raw. I have it really bad on my scalp psoriasis and it spread basically to my whole face. Its really messing with my mental health . Does anyone have any tips on making it better?? What do u wash your face and body with. And what shampoos and conditions . Also what do u moisturize with after?? My insurance doesn’t cover a dermatologist so I’m trying to find other cures.

Scalp Psoriasis WORSE After SHOWER
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Advices and Tips from others Psoriasis Patients :

Alan Guelich : I’ve had psoriasis for over 40 years now and found long ago the luke warm showers and Dove Sensitive Skin Body wash help.As far as my scalp, I have used Clobetasol Propionate Shampoo followed by Clobetasol Propionate Solution on my scalp and face. The shampoo thins the plaques.After the plaques are thinned and smooth the solution clears it up. I only use them about about once a week now.Although I’m not a fan of having the family doctor treat psoriasis, if a dermatologist isn’t covered by insurance your primary care provider should be able to prescribe these medications. Good Luck!

Elizabeth Griffin : My daughters skin gets bright red after showering and it looks like a sunburn. I use tgel shampoo for her and I’ll add pics below. We do the body was and then cerave, let it dry then seal with aquaphor. She says it feels sticky but it helps her skin from flaking and her picking at it. I use T Gel behind her ears and a little on her face if needed.

Jules Simpson : Have u tried coconut oil it relieves itchiness straight away ?

James William : As far as soap goes, I use Dr. Squatch. It’s really great soap! And it does help with my psoriasis, especially the ones that are heavy grit. I recommend Dr. Squatch to everyone to try it. And it also makes your skin feeling nice and moisturized after the shower.

Katherine Tripp: I t is said that we should only be taking 3 showers a week, in luke warm water only and for no more than 10 minutes. I’m not sure what is the best lotion to apply right after the showers though. My Mom makes my lotion and it has baby oil, baby lotion and liquid Vitamins in it.

Keith Calandra : That’s a tough one bro I use glycerin soap but I am heavy into essential oils any combination could work for you. And believe it or not my go-to is petroleum jelly or if I want to be fancy pants Vicks VapoRub it’s got the Menthol and camphor and that’s like Cayenne it’s very good it’s tingly oh yeah but good for you. You might try medical medium on Facebook there are lots of natural solutions and they’re relatively inexpensive. The other side of this coin would be clobetasol propionate minuscule amounts. It used to be cheap but probably not anymore. Hope this helps

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One thought on “Scalp Psoriasis WORSE After SHOWER (PICTURE AND ADVICES)
  1. I was born with Psoriasis and such use Coconut Oil shower Gel, Coconut Oil shampoo and when i get out my my shower, still wet, apply coconut oil all over my body.
    I have also considered using Vaseline or Petrolem oil and applying it where Psoriasis is bad – the knees and elbows!
    It will never go but it is useful to control it!

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