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Scalp Psoriasis Hair Loss Treatment – PART 1

I’m losing hair on my scalp where plaque previously was, anyone else have this happen? This is just one spot…they are all over…I think I’m going to end up balding, trying to prepare mentally

Scalp Psoriasis Hair Loss Treatment

Scalp Psoriasis Hair Loss Treatment

Val Garcia : I also had two bald spots symmetrical of each side of my head. I was given steroid shots and it is slowly growing back. The clobetasol solution is also helping.

Ria Ozard Yates : I’m using a Body shops hair mask which is supposed to help your hair grow back faster. I’ve not been using it long enough to recommend or otherwise but two of my nieces swear by it. They are dancers and are always having to scrape the hair back which has caused bald patches. But as I said I’ve not been using it long enough yet. Good luck with whatever sweethear

Rachel Mueller : I lost about half an inch around my hairline due to scalp psoriasis. Headbands were my best friends. I grew the hair back strong, healthy, and fairly quickly with rosemary oil. I started adding it to my shampoo & conditioner, and also made a spray with it. Rosemary oil is thought to aid in hair regrowth, as is peppermint oil.

Emily Rarang : I want to help, of what I did to my scalp psoriasis hair loss , I have this skin problem for 3 years, I tried lots of medications creams, steriod, etc but no effect, so I try to change my diet, I stop eating sweets, all kinds of foods with sugar, I stop dairy products like milk cheese etc, also I stop eating carbohydrates/rice because I want to loss weight also, I eat fruits, nuts, seeds and vegetables, after3 months I see the improvement, the I drink herbal too C24/7 from Aim global, then after 3 months all my psoriasis gone, so you can try what I did, and observe what foods that triggers your skin, also avoid scratching, I hope I can help and please update me if you follow my diet (you can check plan here)

Scalp Psoriasis Hair Loss Treatment

Robert Konda : I have hair issues as well. I use a hair thickening shampoo and conditioner along with a thickening hair spray. I curl my hair in order to give it lift and I strategically cover those area’s by using a hair pick and spray. It works for when I have to go someplace which is not very often…I also have bangs which cover the psoriasis on my hairline and longer hair on the sides of my face to cover by my ears. I’m on cosentyx and it has cleared up my scalp, face and ears for now but my hair is still thin and my bald areas have not grown any new hair as of yet. I hope you find something that works for you.

Jennifer Leigh Eckman : It has happened to me. Hair toppers feel and look great, and cover all of your hair without having to wear an uncomfortable wig. The human hair toppers are better than synthetic, in my opinion. I’ve ordered some from Amazon, some from facebook ads, some from wigs .com and some from paula young .com

Rianna Morgan Maley : I had this happen. It grew back slowly. L’ange biotin gummies helped my hair grow immensely!! Over 9 inches in less then a year

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