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Scalp Psoriasis Hair Loss Treatment – PART 2

Can anyone suggest anything had a really bad psoriasis flare up on my scalp it’s very thick and plaques I’m actually on Amgevita shots every 2 weeks and all of a sudden I’ve had a flare up and loosing a lot of hair with it also whenever I put creams on it’s just dragging the hair out with it. I did start the contraceptive patch about 3 weeks before all this started happening so I stopped using them as I thought this may have caused it

Scalp Psoriasis Hair Loss Treatment
Scalp Psoriasis Hair Loss Treatment

Scalp Psoriasis Hair Loss Treatment (FROM PSORIASIS PATIENTS)

Carole Buchanan : I think u should look up my goodness recipes Hanna Sillitoe. Always there to give me great advise in the past but this lady has been on dragons den and brought out her on products. Scalp treatments to look her up. Even I felt that the probiotic multi strain going into my body has helped my skin. I hope what ever you do u get some relief. I always tried coconut oil mixed with rosemary oil worked wondered for my scalp

Diane Schroeder : I use cere ve ointment on my scales. It softens them. I can wash it out gently without pulling my hair out…try it. Walgreens sells it

Ana Luisa Torres Martinez : I am not sure if I should share this , because I do not have a scientific explanation of how or why, but my husband has suffered with this situation for several years , on his scalp, his lower stomach and back, legs , elbows and other spots on his body, well he tried everything and nothing seem to help, but he started eating the moringa seeds and now he has all his skin so nice not even scars, every night he asks “ how is my skin” he is 64 and his skin is so nice and soft now. he started eating the seed for energy only and unexpectedly clean his skin.

Linda Halliday : i use Aveeno apple cider vinegar blend shampoo & they have cream rinse also. worked wonderful on my scalp;; it is almost gone::try it good luck

Danilo Tating : I’ve been in that situation and I know the feeling. I used to apply Xamiol Gel on my scalp, and very effective to me. You may try it..

Andrea Smola : I know it’s hard, but try not to stress. it definitely causes my bad flare ups. I just started seeing a therapist because I was so overwhelmed, so I’m hoping that will help. Maybe it might help you with the stress about this and your life. I currently use medicated shampoo for my scalp from my dermatologist, maybe that can help? I wish there was a magic cure.

Sophie Tobin : I really feel for you I lost most of my hair cause of psoriasis too! I mixed olive oil with coconut oil and heated it up until it’s quite hot, put it on your scalp and leave for an hour or two, it’ll be hard to get out of your hair so put shampoo on your hair dry and scrub it in, then wash hair as normal, do this a couple times a week and it cleared mine right up! It’s all natural so won’t do any harm if it doesn’t work

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