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Remicade for Psoriasis Reviews – PART 2

I was on Remicade for two years (After failed attempts with both Humira self-injections & the Otezla tablet) . It was a miracle for me because my Ulcerative Colitis got on remission after trying everything, on the other hand it didn’t work for my psoriasis. It worked at the beginning when I was having shots like twice or once a month, but when I switched to one every 8 weeks my psoriasis came back like before. I don’t know how’s the procedure in your country, I would get hospitalized at the day hospital, a doctor would see me and give me a chair/bed, I would get an iv of of antihistaminic and one of cortisone and after that they would inject me veeery slowly the remicade. The total process usually takes 3-4 hours, depending on the speed of your injection. I’ve never had any side effect, except for feeling a bit tired

Remicade for Psoriasis Reviews

Only problem in had was they gave it to me to quick and went into cold sweats, tell the to five it to you slow and should be fine. It worked so well for me that I felt I could run a marathon but ,move and still flew back home to get my treatment , because my doctor in Florida didn’t take my insurance, by the time she did I was off of it for over a year. I received a treatment it went well but the second treatment I had a very bad reaction my body rejected it so I couldn’t go back on it. But that was the only one that really took it all away. I’ve tried many biological product since and after awhile they stop working, so needless to say back to the beginning again..

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