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Psoriasis Under Breasts Treatment (PESONAL EXPERIENCES)

Would like some ideas on dealing with inverse psoriasis under breast,using something natural. I don’t use prescription drugs.

Dorothy – USA
Psoriasis Under Breasts Treatment
Psoriasis Under Breasts

Psoriasis Under Breasts Treatment (PESONAL EXPERIENCES)

Amy Lynn : When psoriasis is flaring under my breasts, I soak some paper towels in hydrogen peroxide or apple cider vinegar and put them on the inverse for about 15 minutes. Then I take them off and dry the area by patting it with a clean soft towel (do not reuse this towel, wash it right away). I then spray with aerosol deodorant to keep the area dry. Keeping it clean and dry is important. If it gets really bad (cracking\bleeding)I put steroid cream on it

Sara Kellogg : Keep it as dry as possible to prevent it from cracking. I used A and D ointment (recommended by my doctor) and that helped soothe it.

Isabel Lindley Cintra Torres : Always clean humidity, old skin and use paper from a kitchen roll, that I fold one in 3 and put it under bra, everyday. It works

Sue Mine : I’m using vaseline atm, it stops the pulling, stinging sensation. And I have tried gp steroid cream, sudo cream, curash, antibiotics, it’s so hard to get rid of but at least with vaseline I’m not stinging

Sydney Marie : I use the Cottonique bras. They’re even around the same price as a department store. But they have a breathable fabric liner that you can use creams or lotions with and it wont cake or harden underneath it. Sometimes ill even use a panty liner along with psoriasis honey or hydrocortisone. We gotta take care of our boobies

Lorraine Biggins : I use steroid ointment as soon as it appears, otherwise it will become a yeast infection on top of psoriasis. If that happens I use ketoconaze shampoo and then nystatin powder. To prevent inverse from sweating, I usually put pantiliners underbreast where bra lays and let adhesive stick to bra.

Tamarind Elkin : Boody – available at most chemists and online

Psoriasis Under Breasts Treatment

Tracy Stillman : I use nursing pads – I can get a box of 40ish at Walmart for $3 in the baby section. I place them between the bra underwire and the crease/underside of my breast. Keeps me dry. Also helps if I have ointment there to not stain my bra. Plus adds cushion

Amanda Marie : I use a combination between Aquaphore, prescription cream, and these special under the breast liners I get from Amazon.

Angela M. Artis : I use to place a white washcloth under each breast, with a small amount of Triamcinolone Acetonide Ointment on them. If I was going to be at home, for some time I’d lay in the sun, with the Gurls up, so the sun hit the area underneath. It helped me a lot ….

Annette Inzinga : My dermatologist told me to use zinc oxide. I bought a tube of Honest Company diaper rash cream and it cleared up quickly. I use it a couple times a week now and my skin has been clear with no itchiness at all. I’m thinking come summer I will need to start using it on a daily basis again.

Kathleen Parker ” I am using an antifungal cream called Miconazole Nitrate cream USP2% and mixing it with triamcinolone acetonide cream per my derm, it is working very well! Good luck to you! I know it very hard to get rid of. This combination is working very fast for me. Give it a try. So The antifungal cream was OTC but the other one was a prescription medication. I hope this helps you.

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