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Psoriasis Under Breasts Treatment – PART 3

I’ve just recently found out I have Psoriasis a month ago. I have it all over under my breasts and my scalp. I was prescribed some shampoo and “Clobetasol Propionate” cream from the Dr. but with the shampoo // treatment I have to wash my hair multiple times a week and my dr ordered me not to put any other products in my hair// scalp. Which is resulting in my hair to become weak and dry – breaking off and I would hate to have to lose my hair. So he change to The clobetasol solution. It smells like alcohol and may burn in raw areas but it works wonders on my body Especially my boob area. It has totally cleared up for me. The clobetasol ointment, shampoo and oil did nothing for me. Look at these before and after pics under my breast :

Psoriasis Under Breasts Treatment

I also use coconut oil to keep it hydrated and its good for your psoriasis. Good luck!!! I also make a mixture of coconut, olive oil, avocado oil, and Tamanu oil for the scalp!!! They are all good for psoriasis and help my skin and scalp alot.

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