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Psoriasis Under Breasts Treatment – PART 2

I have had scalp psoriasis for years and did the steroid oil, this and that. (It’s in my ears also) In the last two months I noticed a small spot here or there. Now PSORIASIS Is spread full out under my breasts to the point that it’s put sores because my breasts are heavy and they split. I see the dermatologist on the 29th, but is there anything that will help in the meantime? I’ve done so many lotions and oils and creams.

Psoriasis Under Breasts Treatment

Psoriasis Under Breasts Treatment -Personal Experience

Theresa Hernandez Coleman : Keep it dry. Sometimes psoriasis forms on fungal infections. Keep it dry and apply anti-fungal cream (like for athletics foot). It’s an easy fix if that’s what it is.

Alberto Dumadaug Jr. : There are so many different ways to treat it. I pray you find one that betters your psoriasis. I’m glad you have your Dr appointment. I waited a month. Taking my first loading dose for Tremfya tomorrow. Was 100% gone 4 months ago. I’m glad to taking my injections tho. As for a quick treatment Warm coconut oil right after a shower works. Then your hopefully your doc prescribes an ointment for the morning and evening time. Should be gone in no time. Keep your head up doll stay strong!

Sheila Salonga Santos : I have the same thing. When it’s really raw, I use steroid ointment for 1 to 2 application only and apply cerave psoriasis lotion afterwards at least twice a day. Then it gone.

Fiona Williams : I used to sunbathe topless when possible and expose the sore flexure areas. In winter I had narrowband UV and I used to lift my boobs up for UV to reach (bit of a juggling act). Mine cracked too along the crease. Incredibly painful. I used elocon cream sparingly and showered to keep area free from sweat. And pat dry w a soft towel. I use Sebamed soap free shower or baby wash or QV sensitive wash. Also I stopped wearing underwire bras and found cotton based ones that absorb the sweat. Make sure it’s not too tight. Hope you have some relief soon

Irene Smith : Use zinc oxide (aka diaper rash ointment, and not on a cut). Thin layer. Then get some cloth handkerchiefs (men’s department, no need to get fancy). Put the handkerchief between your bra and your boobs. And change one of two times a day. Keep the area dry and as sweat free as possible. Should clear up long before your appoimtment.

Gail Delo : I would use a hair dryer on low setting after showering to dry the area. And then use Zeasorb Antifungal Powder covering the area with gauze. Most Dermatologists have appointments available on an emergency basis. I would check with the office and see if there is an opening asap.

Christine Gaitanis Tsivikas : I had the same. I used 50/50 witch hazel and glycerine and just applied 2-3 times a day. It will burn a little where the open sores are but it goes away fast, stops any itch you may have. It healed completely from under the boob area and the belly button. At the very least it’s soothing and moisturizing.

Christina Taylor Ummel : Try putting crisco shortening on it and wrap it with Saran Wrap overnight. I know this sounds crazy but it has worked for me!!

Lisa Derwent : MooGoo for eczema & psoriasis cleared it for me. I see for you it’s summer. Only happens for me in summer and is related to heat being trapped under the skin. Only wear cotton tops as well. The MooGoo a couple of times a day clears it within a few days for me & I put it in at the first sign if I notice and stops it developing

Kathy Grey ; Yes! I use Sudocrem in the same exact area for the same exact issue and it’s very, very helpful. You can order it online from a couple of places. It’s a rash cream used for all kinds of things.

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