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Psoriasis Under Armpit Treatment

I’ve finally shaved my armpits today but this flare up is bad and super itchy. How do you deal with this kind of psoriasis ? I can’t even wear deodorant. I can’t keep fighting the urge to scratch.

Psoriasis Under Armpit Treatment
Psoriasis Under Armpit Treatment

Rachel DS Ra : Natural deodorant and not bakin soda base. I also used aloe vera gel organic as deodorant when im sensitive in my armpits. A little bit dry and will keep the bad odor away. Lazer hair removal when you get better is worth it it will be less hair later on. And a electric razor is good too.

Molly Elian Carlson : Much much sympathy. I’ve been there. I’ve personally had some good luck recently with using head & shoulders clinical strength shampoo as a body wash. If you have a similar shampoo, I suggest trying that and seeing if it helps. Also I stopped using regular deodorants because I itched constantly. I went natural deodorants and it helped immensely. I now use Secret Aluminum-free essential oils. But the baking soda might be harsh for you right now.

Lori Giesbrecht : I completely understand. I use a mix of shea butter and psoriasin ointment in place of deodorant. I haven’t worn deodorant for probably 15 years. It hurts to lift your arms when it’s this bad. Wake yourself up at night scratching like a crazy chimp. I get it. I am clear finally since November when I did the AIP elimination diet. slowly reintroducing foods. It feels good not to itch, have pain, no more fissures. Truly diet changes were the best thing I did. No food restrictions is as bad as a bad bout of inverse psoriasis.

Emilee Perry : Using an electric razor instead of a regular one cut down on my pain tremendously, and I switched to natural deodorant and it helped. Most natural deodorants suck and don’t do anything, but Humble brand does a really amazing job and masks odor better than any deodorant I’ve ever used. I was also prescribed ketaconazale or however it’s spelled and it cleared it

Jilli Kring Carter : Soak a cotton square in ACV. Use THAT as your deodorant; I’ve used it for years. ACV relieves itch; it also kills fungus associated with inverseP, so killing two sources of itch at once. *the odor dissipates quickly as it dries. Rub it on all Psoriasis, am & pm.

Hinks Joenda : Baby oil, intuition razors, and scent free moisturizer/body wash. Put body wash on first, lather really well ( up to 60 seconds ) , use intuition aloe Vera razors, add baby oil, pat to dry, use whatever steroid cream you have. It’s a game changer and helps immensely with the itch

June Carter Matthews : I had shingles on top of my psoriasis – nothing worked – including prescriptions and allergy pills – look this up- life saver- cheap and natural- JR Watkins Menthol Camphor Relief Mist (eucalyptus, menthol, camphor and thymol) it is a water based spray- saved my life and smells yummy

Chris Schiltz : Wrap loosely with Saran Wrap or bandaging after applying rx ointments to promote absorption before bed. The dose during the day isn’t as effective as it’s mostly getting all over your clothes instead of staying on the skin.
Paige Keith : I use Schmidt’s fragrance free deodorant & it helped clear my armpits! It wasn’t as bad as your, but it was enough to be uncomfortable. I think it would be worth a shot if not wearing deodorant bothers you. Also, I’d put aloe vera on it before bed each night!

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