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Psoriasis Treatment without Biologics (SUCCESS STORY)

Sharing my own journey if it can help anyone else. I went from patches of plaque psoriasis on the nape of my knees, legs, neck, elbows, knuckles, and was developing on my elbows, in addition to psoriatic arthritis, Alopecia, extreme fatigue, and constant mental breakdowns. I had suffered my whole life and been on plenty of meds for the psoriasis and alopecia which hit an all time low in 2017. At this stage I’m in full remission, medication free. It’s been an intense journey when I started healing with a lot of ups and downs, experimental attempts, I’m still in shock I’m where I’m at and I’m pretty sure it was a synergistic effect of these things that I’ll list.
*AIP diet so I could hit a reset button and track what I was eating and how it was effecting me.
*Sole water on an empty stomach in the AM.
*“Bullet proof coffee” I make variations to mix up what I was putting in my body. MCT, Ghee, and collagen everyday then a rotation of (Lions mane, Maca, L-Theanine, Marshmallow root decoction). At this stage I only drink this one cup of coffee before I take my little one to school, I feel mentally clear, and never crash.

Psoriasis Treatment without Biologics

Supplements include
*Vitamin D, Fish oil, DIM in the morning
*Milk Thistle and NAC in the evening
I happened to have friends who work in herbalism so I also take 2 drops of tinctures I make myself (they’re expensive to buy ).
*Lemon Balm – stress, digestion, and focus
*ashwaganda – stress, and thyroid support

Psoriasis Treatment without Biologics

At the end of the day I had to make it a lifestyle since I hate routines. Again, I’m not sure what one or more things did it but I’m in full remission and never looked or felt better at 41. To the point I keep getting told I look better now than 10 years ago lol. It’s amazing since I was close to giving up since it was so bad at one point and it was just embarrassing to have to work in the general public itching my skin until I was bleeding through shirts, and asked if I bare knuckle fight. Good luck everyone on your journey. Research these things on your own, and listen to your body to find what works for you. Please have patience and know it gets better.

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