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Psoriasis Treatment Without Biologics (SUCCESS STORY)

I used to love showers, now they are a painful process. I’m waiting for a new dermatologist referral and hoping they can approve me for some sort of injection because I can’t bear this anymore. Everything burns. I have tried literally every ointment, salve, every mineral and vitamin, diet change. I even grow my own Aloe plants to use. Ugh. The only time I get relief is in the summer when I lay out for hours a day. I’ve recently upped my D3 to 10,000iu a day and still no change.

Psoriasis Treatment Without Biologics

Lastest update : I cannot believe this remission. 8 years and finally remission. Nothing has worked, liver enzymes are too high for biologics and my dermatologist turned me down. So, I went natural! Mega dose vitamin d3 paired with k2, certain soaps, real Aloe, and use a uvb lamp. I personally did 20,000 iu d3 and 100mcg k2. You may want to do higher or lower, everyone is different.

Psoriasis Treatment Without Biologics
Psoriasis Treatment Without Biologics

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