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Psoriasis STEROID Cream Side Effects (Patients Reviews)

Does it hurt when you put steroid cream on a flare psoriasis spot? It really burned. And also does otezla work pretty good? I mainly have scalp neck and behind the ear psoriasis.

Psoriasis STEROID Cream Side Effects

Psoriasis STEROID Cream Side Effects – Patient Reviews

Rodney Heseltine : It sometimes can because the skin is fairly sensitive. If it does burn I usually have a ice gel pack ready & rap in a tea towel just to ease the burn but don’t let the sensitive skin freeze it will only get worse .

Ria Ozard Yates : For your scalp psoriasis I’d recommend using Body shops ginger scalp care shampoo and conditioner. They’ve cleared my scalp and helped quite a few people, but not all, are having success with them as well.

Kathleen Aikins-Coggins : Use ointment when you have any burning / cracks. Cream burns!! Ointments don’t. I suffered for years using Clobetasol propionate cream until a young Dermatologist saw me for an emergency visit and she saw I had been prescribed cream verses ointment and asked me if it burned and I said yes. She was very compassionate and she’s my permanent Dermatologist still today.

Angel Contreras Hernandez : I used bardana Oil its painless

Psoriasis STEROID Cream Side Effects

Mercy Villarreal : Only use the absolute tiniest, minimal amount for the shortest amount of time. Steroid creams / ointments will permanent thin your skin (known side effect). 10+ years ago my dermatologist would give me as much as I wanted. It’s been 10+ years since I have used that poison and my skin breaks and bleeds after the slightest bump. Terrible price to pay.

Cindy Jones : I have found that my clobetasol cream burns and the ointment does not.

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