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The first story of Thomas from Iowa :

I would like to thank everyone for speaking openly about their skin as it makes me feel less alone in this. It really helps. However, I’ve recently come to the conclusion , that I feel completely defeated by my guttate psoriasis. I’ve been battling it for years now (currently 23 y/o F), and have tried many different treatments – topicals, injections, methatroxate, diet, sun.. but everything seemed to work only temporarily if it worked at all. I noticed thatthe steroid creams made me flare up even worse after i stopped using them for 4-5 days, and to some treatments my psoriasis didn’t even respond to at all. I have moderate 60-70% coverage of it and I’ve lost all hope for continuing to fight it. It makes me feel completely undesireable and disgusting, I’m losing sleep because of my skin, losing confidence, communication skills, any type of motivation.. having this skin condition is a curse to be honest… if anyone can say something encouriging or helpful, I would greatly appriciate it, as I feel like I no longer can struggle on my own without talking about it.

And you ? Leave your story on the comment section !

  1. Im a 23 y/o FM from Florida with guttate psoriasis and I have been going through a pretty nasty flare up for the past few months, but Ive had psoriasis since middle school. Sometimes it feels hopeless and more like a curse than a disease. But for me, it has been important to realize that the number one side most impactful side affect of psoriasis is its effect on mental health and self esteem. It has been helpful for me to view this disorder as a fight for your mental health more than a fight for clear skin.

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