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I’ve had psoriasis on my face for almost 3 years. I was starting to feel more confident in my psoriasis on my eyes got it under control…. now my nose is starting to break out and to be honest today wasn’t the best day and that in top. I actually sat down on the floor in my kitchen and cried I give up…

Psoriasis On Nose

Update :
I’ve been playing it off as sun burn from being at the lake on Sunday but I can’t pull that one off to much longer. My nose started to clear a little and the other patches on my head and back started to slowly peal off still red but hopefully my meds help and thanks to my friends at the fire hall and my husband for trying to make me smile when I didn’t feel like doing so…

Psoriasis On Nose

Feels good to finally feel ok about my face again!. It wasn’t until the middle of this year that I’ve finally gotten it under control that I feel comfortable taking a pic of my face without filters, sun glasses, or a mask to hide my face. Looking someone in the face with confidence is nice to do again!!!!

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