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Psoriasis Near Eye Treatment (SUCCESS PICTURES)

I’ve recently had a sudden and severe (for me) outbreak of psoriasis and I wanted to share two products that have been amazing for me.

I always thought what was on my face, red flaky and itchy skin, was eczema but now I think it’s psoriasis without the plaque. And I’ve recently had an actual plaque psoriasis develop near my eye and somehow that seems just more rude than my other torso plaques.

I decided to try some products while I wait to see a rheumatologist. One is the Kenkoderm Dead Sea bar soap and it is amazing.

Psoriasis Near Eye Treatment

I would never use bar soap because they dried my skin out badly, and I was just putting up with using sensitive skin body washes which still left my skin dry and itchy. Kenkoderm leaves my skin so soft and not at all dry. I could cry with how happy I am.

And then I started using both the Kenkoderm bar soap and this Goldbond psoriasis relief cream on my face and it clears up the red painful skin and is helping with the plaque.

Psoriasis Near Eye Treatment

I recommend both very highly. Pictures of my face before and after

Before :

Psoriasis Near Eye Treatment

After :

Psoriasis Near Eye Treatment

(SOURCE : Molly Elian – Oregon)


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