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Psoriasis Inside My Ear Canal

Anyone get psoriasis inside their ear canal? Stelara isn’t helping my psoriasis anywhere but it is helping my IBD. I have numerous steroid creams, lotions and ointments to treat my patches. I often get some inside my ear. I felt the itch and oozing starting in both earls last week. Used my oil drops for them. Over the weekend they intensified and I’m in so much pain. It’s extremely itchy, a ton of pressure, I’ll get sharp stabbing sensations. My hearing is muted. The outer ear is so sensitive I can’t lay on either one. Any help? I contacted my PCP and Dermatologist through my patient portal. Waiting to hear from them but I can’t hardly stand the pain.

Psoriasis Inside My Ear Canal

I’m now being referred to an ENT. They suspect it’s a combo between psoriasis on the outer canal and a specific kind of dermatitis way inside. It creates fluid pockets that was keeping pressure on my ear drum. Think reverse ear infection. The steroid helped the inflammation. Ent is supposed to assess and see how to proceed forward. I’m holding at 5mg prednisone until I’m seen. They had to remove the fluid and see some scarring in the canal from the repeated flares (is that what it’s called??). I would strongly suggest if anyone gets severe ear pain like that and assumed deep inside there was psoriasis, get it checked. I feel 100 times better and can hear after the fluid was removed.


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