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Psoriasis Get Worse After Pregnancy

I’ve had bad scalp psoriasis since I was a kid. It’s always made me shed a lot. But recently after I had my son, it’s just gotten way worse. I went through the after birth shedding of hair, was better for a month or 2, and now I’m shedding mass amounts of hair again. I think I’ve lost 3/4 thickness of my hair in the last couple months, and I had thin hair to start out with. Plus all the spots on my body are getting worse. I’ve got keratosis pilaris as well, and I am bad with picking at things. So any time I have a scratch or pick at a bump, a new spot of psoriasis shows up. I’ve always had low self esteem, and it’s just getting worse and worse. I don’t wanna be bald.

Psoriasis Get Worse After Pregnancy
Psoriasis Get Worse After Pregnancy

So I recently went back to the dermatologist for the first time in years, because my scalp psoriasis has been making me lose a ton of hair lately. I’ve only got a few spots on my body, but my whole scalp is pretty much covered, and I’ve lost probably 1/3 to 1/2 of my hairs thickness in the last 6 months. So she wanted to put me on Skyrizi, but she didn’t know if my insurance would approve it. Now I got a new job, and won’t have insurance for another 2 months, so that pushes out the whole process another couple months, and who knows if this insurance will even approve it.

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