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Psoriasis Forehead Treatment

I have no insurance until my lengthy divorce gets finalized so I need help with ideas for managing this awful flare up I’m having psoriasis on my forehead. I’m going on 7 months sober and the rest of my body has cleared up fairly well. Still some spots but nothing like my forehead and easy to hide if need be. It’s so embarrassing I want to cry! Diet ideas, lotions, masks, whatEVER helps you. I’m open to literally ANYTHING!! Please!!!!

Psoriasis Forehead Treatment
Psoriasis Forehead Treatment

Psoriasis Forehead Treatment (Personal Experiences)

Paige Keith : I’m also breaking out psoriasis on my face & I’ve just been drenching my face/ear area/neck with coconut oil before bed and it’s made it somewhat better. It doesn’t make it less red, but it helps hydrate the patches. I WOULD NOT use a steroid cream!!!!!!! It helps clear it up & everything seems great, but I have used steroid creams my whole life & I break out way worse than my original flare up after not using it for a few days! Do not recommend whatsoever!!!

Mollie Monthie Radden : When you’re truly ready to get rid of it you’ll have to completely change your diet. Cut gluten, sugar, dairy, meat, and nightshades for three months then slowly introduce them back in. Find out what food is causing your skin problems. Try the AIP diet . You have to change what you’re eating and heal your gut or you’ll only be masking the problem for the rest of your life. If you can be sober for 7 months then you can do ANYTHING! Believe in yourself

Kim Anne : Keto diet helped me alot. Taking out the damging/toxic/inflammatory foods is only the start.
Then adding the right nutrients to build/supporting cellular renewal. Nutrional dense foods, healthy fats, prebotic and probotic all important to me.
Limiting stress and quality sleep is so important. Knkw through this time is hard. But finding things you love and enjoy is so important. Focusing on you and self-care.
Always here for support. Happy to connect and share recipes.

Morgan Reeb : This was just my face always dry and flaky and similar to yours at times especially winter, I’d have scalp scaling build up, red raw patches on my body, ears were cracked from being so dry, and as crazy as it sounds My Adventure to Fit greens supplement literally changed my life!! My scalp is clear for the first time in so many years, I no longer have the red raw patches either, and I only need few spot treatments of a dr prescribed cream every now and then for dry spots.

Psoriasis Forehead Treatment

Been taking it for a year now and no cream or medicine has compared for me. Super clean ingredient list and affordable. Owned by a kick ass mom.

Dani Fawn : I use coconut oil from the dollar tree and do a hot oil treatment on my skin once a week where I let it sit for 30 mins then shower and exfoliate then I put a little coconut oil on daily to stay moisturized it’s the only thing that’s helped plus it’s the cheapest & all natural.

Natural Way to Treat Psoriasis at Home – Success Stories

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