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Psoriasis Flare-up Treatment – TIPS

My before pic is not the flare at it’s worst, as all the spots eventually spread into each other, but after 6 months of trying to get it to disappear, I’m finally clear! Here’s what I did: Apple cider vinegar: I drink 1/4 cup daily. Apply directly on the spots. Use in a bath with Epsom salt. I use Hempz or Gold Bond Eczema lotion and coconut oil multiple times throughout the day/. Shea Moisture African black eczema soap At night I use a and d ointment and put syran wrap on it.

I’m taking vitamins:
Multivitamin, Fish oil, Fiber, Super b complex, D3, K2. I also take zyrtec for allergies CBD oil (Lazarus naturals full spectrum). I stopped eating: Nightshades (instant trigger)- Dairy eggs (instant trigger)- Gluten- Most sugar. Most importantly, I found a routine that worked and I stopped thinking about the psoriasis and eliminated all stress from my life

New Tricks to Get Rid of Psoriasis At Home

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