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Psoriasis Fatigue Treatment – Success Story

Fatigue and my psoriasis were definitely intertwined. I had to prioritize sleep and found that I slept 9-10 hours (sometimes 11 hours!) nearly every night. I still had low energy during the day. But, as my psoriasis improved, my energy levels improved. My immune system was battling so much inflammation and I guess my fatigue was a sign that I needed the rest to ensure my system had the resources to keep going.

I started off with topical steroids and there was no improvement and I noticed severe depression setting in. No improvements in either fatigue or psoriasis with use of steroids. I discontinued use after approx 4 months and started my diet. I also drank Anthony Williams’ “heavy metal detox smoothie” 5-6 times per week and found that helpful for my skin. There was a ton of stuff I did regarding diet but what was equally helpful was improving my mindset-my response time – like if I got angry and screamed at my husband, my skin would get so red and inflamed. Once I realized this, I started repeating to myself that my health was more important than getting upset over something inconsequential. It definitely helped me and research has recently shown a link between our emotions and immune function.

The next step was biologics but I couldn’t do that. I am a mom with 2 young children and the cancer risks scared me. I opted to radically change my diet and lifestyle. My skin and health improved within 6 months. I also supplemented with vitamin D. I ate low inflammatory foods. I sweated as much as possible through exercise and infrared saunas. Green tea daily. It all contributed to my success. I haven my had a single bit of P since 2018 but I still follow all the same stuff I used to do, for the most part-I have some leeway to cheat now.

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