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Psoriasis Early Signs (PERSONAL EXPERIENCES)

I’ve had psoriasis for 46 years ( I’m 56) and always believed it to be “just my skin” . Many lotions, and creams, hospital stays( covered head to foot as a child) I gave up caring, it would come and go but never quite clear. It was only when my daughter got Psoriasis while she was doing honours at uni that I finally went to a decent dermatologist and through all of the protocols for Medicare got onto biologics. Methotrexate made me violently ill, and each biologic worked for a while before becoming less effective. Taltz worked but was extremely painful and brought out an allergic reaction. I’m now on Tremfya which is reducing the Psoriasis in my scalp and has stopped my nails splitting vertically but is doing nothing to help my Psoriatic Arthritis flares…in fact I’m quite sore. Looking back through my life there have been some really obvious signs that I have ignored. So these are Psoriasis Early Signs – my personal experiences :

  1. Always had really bad sore throats as a child- great for ice cream sellers but not so great if your parents had no time to take you to the doc…was Strep throat my original trigger?
  2. Always super clumsy, my ankles and knees sprained at the lightest tweak and bones were easily broken – since childhood, both legs, both arms, wrist, collarbone, ribs.
  3. Allergies galore, progressively getting worse but Always causing some sort of rash. Really bad reactions to Sesame, kiwifruit, ginger, pineapple, perfumes, petroleum jelly( parabins) and mostly bandage glues even the hypoallergenic ones!
  4. My Thyroid became toxic and had to be totally removed – weight loss is almost an impossibility…slowly slowly.
    It also controls your temperature….I’m always cold, even in Aussie summers!
  5. I had an Oxford knee replacement 4.5 years ago on my left knee, and surgery last week on my right to mend the meniscus, a small tear in the lateral ligament and to monitor arthritis on my femur and tibia.
  6. Spasms throughout my body but the tops of my feet hurt the most.
Psoriasis Early Signs

I have forgotten what it is like to be pain free, but I smile and get on with life anyway! I intend to vacation while I’m mobile. Always planning the next trip. Sometimes I wish that I was less able in other people’s eyes so that they could understand the pain and depression caused by this insidious disease.

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