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Psoriasis Cuts on Feet – How to Treat ??

Psoriasis Cuts on Feet

Psoriasis on Bottom of right foot. Left and hands are just as bad. Does anyone else get deep cuts and is super painful to walk in? Some days it takes so much energy just to make it to the bathroom.

I started cosentyx last august. My insurance company covered it but when the new year came around they decided they weren’t going to cover it anymore. I had just started seeing little bit of results at the very end of December. And I started taltz in January (which insurance wouldn’t pay for last year) and have been religiously putting steroid creams 2x daily morning and evening and other ointments to keep skin moist between that time. I have tried every moisturizer and soap you can probably come up with. Plus the $300 if lamps online. Nothing works!!! The one thing I haven’t tried is epsom salt or dead sea salt because I’m afraid it will burn like crazy.


Deep cuts I use super glue, per my doctor. The pain instantly gone and helps them heal faster. Sometimes I have to super glue deep cuts more than once depends they area they can crack back open. I soak in Epsom salt with Lavender daily and use a electric circular sander made for feet to keep the skin from getting thick. Also, I use cortisone cream every morning and night, Chlobetasol ointment.

I too have been on Cosentyx, 2-shots a month. My insurance stopped covering it this year, but am on their no pay plan, for up to 2 years, or until they get my insurance to pay again. This is my third Biologic and the first two didn’t help for long. The one Enbrel I developed, pustular psoriasis on my feet and hands. The doctor said a small percentage of people develop that when using Enbrel. I hope this info helps you. I know your pain. Hopefully, you find some relief line I have. Unfortunately there are days I have bad outbreaks, more stress related, I know for a fact that’s my trigger.


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