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Psoriasis Combination Treatment (WITHOUT BIOLOGICS)

What is your diet like for your psoriasis? To jump start my healing journey I took 10 Laser treatments, from head to toe. Cut off all steroids and prescription drugs and OTC drugs for psoriasis. (As most psoriasis suffers, I have a drawer full.) Changed my diet eleminating sugar, white flour, rice, potatoes, nightshades, etc. and started drinking lots and LOTS of water. I also added D-3 , Probiotics and a list of suppliments to start healing, what I believe I have, leaky gut. From all I have read it makes sense, so that was my starting point/ direction. I made a concoction of Indigo naturalis power, coconut oil, tea tree oil, and ground up marijuana! I applied that mixture on the worst areas and covered it with gauze. And yes, it is messy. Started using Sorion cream and coconut oil for moisture. In 5 weeks, it’s nearly gone.

Psoriasis Combination Treatment
Psoriasis Combination Treatment

I‘m not sure if its the combination of all this, or just my diet change…but I’ll take it – this is my best Psoriasis Combination Treatment so far. I also use T-gel shampoos. One is Carmel color and the other is dark brown. I mix them 50/50. I use the soapy suds on my skin too. I was one step away from Methotrexate, but decided I would try a natural cure first. Prescription medicines would work for a while, then stop, then have a relapse that was worse. I believe psoriasis starts from the inside, so treating skin symptoms and not the cause seemed reasonable to me. But its not a pill or a shot. It takes determination, patience, reading/research and time. I also do my best to avoid what stress I can. I hope you can pick through my story and find something that will help you. Good luck on your journey.

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